Beauty Uses for Baking Soda For Women

A little box of baking soda is so inexpensive, and it has so many different household uses, like cleaning your surfaces or deodorizing your fridge. You might not have realized that there is a variety of beauty uses for baking soda too. Here are just some of them to add to your beauty routine now. […]

A Stretch Marks Cream Imparts Beauty To Stretched Skin

When skin tears and is left to mend on its own, it forms stretch marks. This is one of the ways of the skin to respond to the -shock- of rapid and excessive stretching. Your skin isn’t complaining, but you feel bad about its ugly look. Those discolored streaks laugh mercilessly as you stare at them helplessly. How are they destroying your skin’s beauty? A stretch marks cream can help you restore your lost beauty.

Who deserves a cream? There are different kinds of people in this world. Some are contented with whatever happens to their skin, while some put in a few efforts. If they succeed, it is good, but if they do not, it is not bad. Then, there are people who feel sad about their skin condition, but choose to stay in their grief for life rather than do something about it.

The last lot is the one that truly deserves a good cream for stretch marks. They are people who are determined to get back their skin’s beauty. They are ferocious in their search for the best product and do not rest until they find one.

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Anti Aging Madonna Inspired Health And Beauty Tips

Madonna is set to launch a new album and tour at the age of fifty. Always one to break the rules, she doesn’t look or act like one might expect a fifty-year-old woman to. Her energy level is phenomenal. She looks thirty. In fact her body is leaner and fitter than most women half her age.

How does she look so young? Can any older woman look as good as she does?

These are the antiaging tips I’ve gleaned from the write ups about Madonna.

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Kumkumadi Lepam- An ayurveda beauty preparation

Kumkumadi lepam is an age old ayurveda remedy for acne and pimples ( known as youvana pitikas in ayurveda), dark circles, pigments, scars and stretch marks. Kumkumadi lepam contains skin friendly herbs like Saffron, sandal wood and Turmeric .

Action of Ingredients:

Saffron: Saffron helps to reduce dark pigments, dark circles under eyes, acne and pimple. These magic red stigmas increase fairness and glow of skin when applied as face pack.

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