Concept Of Beauty Is Universal

Beauty is a property associated with human beings. This could be considered even as a characteristic. Beauty is not only related to human beings. Beauty can be associated with locations, certain concepts, certain things etc as well. This property or characteristic named beauty makes other people happy about it. Any thing beautiful is a joy […]

Health Benefits Of Fenugreek, Beauty Treatments Using Methi

For long we have been using Fenugreek (Meethi ) in our culinary preparations. Besides satiating your taste buds what else it can do you? What else do you want? Well besides all the other qualities, Fenugreek is known to health supplement too. One of the most popular ingredients to Indian Cuisine fenugreek is boon to mankind. It provides many health benefits as it is appetizing, rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus and iron in all natural form. Due To its natural content these vital nutrients and substances are easily absorbed by the body.
Medicinal uses and home remedies with Methi (fenugreek)

* Methi seeds are very rejuvenating and nourishing in nature though it also carries as properties of stimulant. Fenugreek is known to rescue chronic body fatigue or backache or Body ache; One Tea spoon of methi daily will do all the wonders. It is also recommended to include Green fenugreek leaves in daily diet.

Soak Meethi seeds overnight and grind it following morning to extracts it juice or make a fine paste; Juice made of fenugreek In the morning and after every meal is found to be highly beneficial for the folks suffering from high blood sugar level.

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Rice Water For Beautiful Skin And Hair

Rice water is one of the most talked about beauty recipe .It is highly effective both for hair and skin. Rice contains Pitera which is considered to be beneficial for skin and its benefits were first observed by Japenese ladies. Rice water tightens the skin pores that too without harsh chemicals. Washing you face with rice water enhances your complexion. Albeit you wont see instant result but constant use of it will make your complexion lighter within a month.

It is a fairly simple remedy. All you have to do is to keep aside water which you used to wash rice before cooking it .For effective result take the FIRST wash rice. If you feel that rice is not very clean then you may use the second wash rice. Remember we are not using the cooked rice water. We are using the raw rice water which we get while cleaning the rice before cooking it.

You can use uncooked brown rice, white rice or red rice. Just run your finger a bit when you are cleaning the rice. Cloudy the water more effective it will be. Just splash this water repeated only on your face .Let it get dry on its own and wash it off with water later on.

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Proctor & Gamble Launch Digital Beauty Magazine

Market leader, Proctor and Gamble is set to launch a free online magazine to promote its interest in the beauty industry. The magazine will be called Beauty Recommended and is to be the first digital publication to be sent out to P&G consumers; an estimated 1 million people will receive it, having registered on one of the companys microsite.

The digital magazine will of course feature P&G brands, Olay, Max Factor and Pantene to name a few. There will also be editorial features, interactive video content and an e-commerce section where consumers will be redirected to partner retailers, such as Boots and Superdrug.

Television adverts are running under the P&G banner, Transform yourself, yourself. This is a cross-brand marketing initiative launched as The Makeup Collection. The logo for this (created by Dewgibbons), will appear on advertising, packaging and online activity for all P&G products.

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